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A boutique within a major brand.

Led by Brandon Tabassi, the RE/MAX Partners Massachusetts & New England relocation group consistently is the highest rated and ranked in the Northeastern region. The department serves several corporate clients directly, including dozens of the most prominent corporations in New England. Our partnerships with the world’s top relocation management companies leads to the collaborative delivery of best-in-class global and domestic relocation solutions.

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Brandon Tabassi


44 Park St.
Andover, MA 01810

Areas of Excellence

Home Purchase Assistance

The revered home purchase program of the RE/MAX Partners Relocation Team achieves outstanding results in the areas of macro area overview, market conditions, home search plans, comp analyses, offer strategy, contract negotiations, and closing assistance. We offer introductions to the best relocation closing attorneys, inspectors, and contractors in the region.

Temporary Corporate housing

We offer a wide range of residential choices in the New England areas, from the quaint brownstones to the urban luxury of amenity-loaded buildings with swimming pools, fitness centers, lounges, and other perks. Whatever your needs, we have the right place to relax and regroup during corporate relocations, through our Temporary Housing Partners.

Home Sale & Home marketing Assistance

Our team of experienced professionals assists our clients with executive home sale marketing plans, pre-market planning, negotiating expertise and providing guidance in all aspects of the home sale process. Our main goal is to maximize the home's value and sale price while simultaneously making the process as smooth and seamless as possible. We are experts in BVO/AVO and GBO programs.

Initial Pre-Decision Area Tours and Consultation

RE/MAX Partners Relocation Team's pre-decision services are designed to assist companies with providing the candidates with a broad overview of the beauty and depth of New England as well as their potential micro-market. Candidates are counseled thoroughly in regards to commutes, public transportations, educational opportunities, markets and costs. These are streamlined into a comprehensive area tour in order to ensure successful placement & ultimate excitement of the transferee to take on a new position.

Rental Assistance

The RE/MAX Partners Relocation Services consultants are experts in assisting both homeowners and renters in finding the right community, home, as well as the amenities that best fit their personal needs. We specialize in identifying and assisting the many factors which influence the quality of life in a new location.

International Move counseling

The RE/MAX Partners Relocation Team helps the RMC, Corporate Client & the transferee overcome the unique challenges of global corporate relocation. By providing services like school searches (both public and private), financial consults for home purchase processes, and amenities and area counseling, we seek to make the international move as seamless as possible.


Brandon helped me buy my condo. He encouraged me to be very thorough in my search and we looked in Waltham, Cambridge, Somerville, as well as Boston. He helped me do a very thorough comp analysis when I had identified a property which I was interested in, and helped me negotiate the price lower than I thought I could get it for. He made sure I was protected in the sale and reviewed all of he condo documents on my behalf and carefully explained them. My relocation to Boston would not have gone so smoothly were it not for Brandon and his team.
— Relocation to Cambridge, MA 2018


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